A Strategic Plan is a vision, in which we ask what is needed so that The American Legion Auxiliary will achieve our mission and vision. The plan identifies specific goals and describes the steps needed for us to succeed.The spirit of the plan also incorporates and reminds us of our founding core values:

  • Commitment to the four founding principles: Justice, Freedom, Democracy, Loyalty
  • Service to God, our country, its veterans and their families
  • Tradition of patriotism and citizenship
  • Personal integrity and family values
  • Respect for the uniqueness of individual members
  • Truthful open communication in dealing with the public and our members
  • Adherence to the adopted policies and rule

The American Legion Auxiliary’s Strategic Plan Includes Five Strategic Goals That Provide Focus throughout the Organization!

American Legion Auxiliary, Centennial Plan
We must

  • All take responsibility for the strategic plan
  • Embrace change
  • Commit to measurable goals
  • Learn from best practices
  • Commit to revisiting the strategies on an ongoing basis as our environments changes

American Legion Auxiliary National Strategic Plan

ALA Strategic Plan 2014-2019:  A broadly-defined plan aimed at creating a desired future for the American Legion Auxiliary.

ALA Assessment Report: organizational effective study conducted by Johnson Grossnickle Associates based on interviews with over 8000 auxiliary members; provides reasons and recommendations for our great organization.

Why Our Centennial Strategic Plan Matters   our future depends on achieving the goals in this plan.

Leading by example starts with us ends with us  create an internal culture of goodwill. 

American Legion Auxiliary Department of Delaware Strategic Plan

Department of Delaware Strategic Plan a team of Delaware members have reviewed and created the state’s plan.