Posted: Jan 18, 2016 11:49 
By Ali Rosen



(MILLSBORO, Del.)- On Martin Luther King Day, neighbors joined together at the American Legion Auxiliary 28, for “Promise Purses.”

“Promise Purses” is an event where over 400 purses were packed with every day essentials (deodorant, tissues, hand sanitizer, gloves, etc.) for women in need.

The filled purses were donated to Home of the Brave II (female facility), Peoples Place, homeless shelters, domestic abuse facilities and The Vet Center in Georgetown.

Cindy Phillips, event organizer said:

“The whole idea was this purse is going to someone in need. We wanted them to pray over the purse, put in the individual things someone could use and fill it with love.”

One volunteer explained why this event was important to her.

“We’ve seen woman carry grocery plastic bags with all of their goods in it and so this will give them a personal feeling, a good feeling about themselves so they don’t have to get in a grocery bag and pull out something they need,” said Roberta Bass.

While picking out a purse among the hundreds, the volunteers put thought into each of the bags they packed.

“I chose this bag because in High School this was my color plain for my school skirt. It’s something I thought was familiar so I’m really going to enjoy packing this bag” said Monica Page.

Volunteers helped for various reasons on Monday, one of which is because of Martin Luther King “we have a dream like he had a dream, we want to see the community do well and minorities do well,” said Bernard Carr.