Media Contacts

Providing Auxiliary members with tools that present the best information in the best possible way is the Communication Division’s responsibility. They produce resources like Auxiliary magazine, ALA eNews, ALA In the Know eBulletin, the Auxiliary website, brochures, and news release templates, among others. These print and electronic media communication vehicles not only help our members successfully do their work, but they also keep the general public up-to-date on the Auxiliary’s mission activity.

Michael Butt, Communications/Business Development Director
(317) 569-4543

Auxiliary magazine
Shari Finnell, Managing Editor

Auxiliary magazine, printing or communication materials:
Aaron Meyer, Communications Manager
(317) 569-4533

In The Know eBulletin, National News and member communications:
Stephanie L. Holloway, Communications Senior Editor
(317) 569-4535

Media Relations, Auxiliary eNews, and media inquiries:
Stacy Poca, Brand Growth Advocate
(317) 569-4565

Auxiliary website:
Travis Perkins, Webmaster
(317) 569-4531