Delaware Girls State Program Highlights


Merle Roth Best All-Around Delegate

 Elana Montejo

Samsung Scholarship

 Grace Collins

Girls Nation

 Elana Montejo
McKenzie Melvin

1st Alternate Brittany Ritter
2nd Alternate Grace Collins

Party Chairman

 Federalist Elana Montejo
Nationalist Grace Yeung

Party Secretaries

Federalist Olivia Tyler
Nationalist Jill Canning

House of Representatives 148th General Assembly
Honoring the young women from across the State of Delaware Participating in the 2016 Session of Delaware Girls State

Concurrent Resolution No. 91

Elected Officials

Governor Grace Collins Caesar Rodney High School
Lieutenant Brittany Ritter Sussex Technical High School
Secretary of State Julia Pelesko Sanford High School
Attorney General Catherine Johnson St. Marks High School
State Treasurer Cara Godlewski Middletown High School
Auditor of Accounts Kayleece Seals Middletown High School
Insurance Commission Taylor Ostertag Caesar Rodney High School
Secretary of Education Olivia Skaug Newark Charter School

Appointed Officers

President Pro Tempore McKenzie Melvin Caesar Rodney High School
Speaker of the House Katy Shannon Wilmington Friends School
DNREC TyAnna Handy Laurel Senior High School
Chief Justice Supreme Court Nicole Feret Middletown High School
Secretary of Finance Nina Jordan Sussex Technical High School
Commissioner of Corrections Sara Saienne Conrad School of Science
Controller General Merveile Avinou Polytech High School
Supreme Court Justice Adrianna Cazzell Caesar Rodney High School

Senate Leadership

Clerk Mica Valerio Polytech High School
Majority Leader Keri Edwards Brandywine High School
Majority Whip Amanda Stiebris Charter School of Wilmington
Minority Leader Samantha Cotton Seaford High School
Minority Whip Megan Licata Middletown High School


Abigayle Gant of St. Elizabeth High School Aliyah Navarro of Wilmington Christian School Britney Smith of Seaford High School
Caroline Procak of Concord High School Celia Gambacorta of Delaware Military Academy Elizabeth Berger of Sussex Central High School
Erin Dickert of Newark Charter School Kristen Chou of Concord High School Kristen Glass of Dover High School
Lauren Price of Polytech High School Lilian Byington of Seaford High School Lindsey Grow of Indian River High School
Marian Poad of Delaware Military Academy Sansskruty Rayavarapu of Cab Calloway School of the Arts Sara Saienni of Conrad Schools of Science

House of Representatives Leadership

Clerk Samantha Sawyer Smyrna High School
Majority Leader Lauren Achenchi Middletown High School
Majority Whip Meaghan Wallace Cab Calloway School of the Arts
Minority Leader Michaela Reyes Sussex Academy
Minority Whip Denae Mendez DelCastle High School

House of Representatives

Abby Pearson of Seaford High School Ava Rice of Delaware Military Academy Camryn Howarth of Archmere Academy
Danaya Dews of DelCastle High School Elizabeth Habash of Charter School of Wilmington Elle Cyrus of Delaware Military Academy
Haley Knowles of Sussex Technical High School Hannah Doyle of Seaford High School Jordan Peel of Concord High School
Katelyn Coleman of Lake Forest High School Kristin Moffett of Dover High School Kylie Womer of Smyrna High School
Meera Kripalu of Concord High School Meghan Yerkes of Smyrna High School Nisha Yeleswaram of Sanford High School
Sara Poultney of Dover High School Sara Saylor of Indian River High School Starleese Scott of Thomas McKean High School