Awards to units and individual members are presented at the Department of Delaware’s Convention,  review the National Organizations Plan of Action in the members only section for requirements before submitting to Department Officers or Department Chairmen.  You MUST meet all requirements; ineligible submissions will not be forwarded to the National Organization!

Deadlines for submissions are communicated at the Department Executive Committee Meetings. Members are encouraged to review the National Plan of Action for additional awards.


Promoting patriotism and responsible citizenship

Billy Regan Trophy – Best Overall Americanism Program

Recipient of Billy Regan Trophy is eligible for a National Unit Award: Dorothy Pearl Most Outstanding Americanism Program Citation Plaque, announced at the National Convention

American Essay Contest

The American Legion Auxiliary (ALA) sponsors an Americanism Essay Contest for students in grades 3-12 including students with special needs. Grade levels are divided into six classes and one award is presented in each division.  Each year the theme of the essay changes and is included in the National Organization’s Plan of Action.

Units are encouraged to promote awareness of the American Legion Auxiliary, through stronger networking in schools, youth groups and home school associations.

The Department of Delaware awards $25 to each Class recipient and forwards essay winners to the National Organization to consideration.

National winners will receive $50, and a $50 honorarium in the student’s name will be made to the Children of Warriors National Presidents’ Scholarship fund

Review the National Americanism Plan of Action for guidelines


Express, by word and action, our founding principle of service to God and Country


Department Level Award Only

Chaplain of the Year

Nominated by Unit President -Exemplary performance above and beyond the normal expectations of their duties. Nominations should include some detail about how the chaplain has nurtured the spiritual life of unit members, cared for those who are ill and honored fallen veterans.

Best Prayer Book

UNIT PRAYER BOOKS: Units Chaplains are asked to prepare a prayer book to be submitted at the May Department Executive Committee Meeting. 

The Prayer Book Requirements:
Book cover can be a three-ring binder and can be decorated.

Collect prayers, devotional thoughts and poems for your prayer book.

Religious pictures can be used.

The book should contain a Cover Page with the Chaplain’s name, address, phone number, email address (if available), Unit name, number and town of your Post Home.

The book can be typed, handwritten or a mixture.

The book must contain the Pledge of Allegiance and our Preamble to the Constitution of the
American Legion Auxiliary.

Judging will be by the point system: neatness, grammar, and content

Children and Youth    

Protecting, caring for, and supporting children and youth

Kathy Foltz* Plaque (Most Outstanding Overall Program)

The Kathy Folz Plaque is awarded to the Most Outstanding program promoting the Children & Youth program activities.  It is awarded to a unit in each division for their  outstanding program

Outstanding Divisional Program
Division 1 (less than 100 members)

Division 2 (101 to 200 members)
Division 3 (201+ members)

Recipient of The Kathy Folz Award is eligible for National Citation Plaque Unit Award: Outstanding Unit Promotion of Children & Youth Activities

Review the National Plan of Action for Child & Youth for Materials and Guidelines

Community Service

Building community awareness of the ALA and its mission

 Senior Volunteer of the Year

Awarded for outstanding service in at least one Community Service activity or project conducted during the administrative year.  Narrative must include a summary of the nominee’s activities. You may also include pictures of the activity or project.

Recipient of Department award is also eligible for National Citation and a Gift Certificate.

Review the National Plan of Action for Community Service for Guidelines and other awards.


Through classroom activities, literacy programs, scholarship promotion and support of education beyond high school

Department Education Award-None

Unit’s that sponsor scholarships are eligible for a National Citation Plaque for the Most Outstanding Scholarship Program

Review the National Education Plan of Action for Materials and Guidelines.


Historian’s purpose is to accurately record the accomplishments and significant events that occur on the department and unit level during the course of her term

Unit History Book
Department Only

Units may present history books for judging at the Department Convention.

 Use a standard binder for loose leaf paper. The gold foil American Legion Auxiliary emblem
should be on front of binder

Include Introduction with Title Page, Dedication, Photograph of Unit President, Prayer,
Pledge of Allegiance, first verse of the Star Spangled Banner and Preamble to Constitution of
the American Legion Auxiliary

List of current officers, Department Chairmen and any National appointments in your Unit.

 Written narrative in third person – clear and concise and with correct spelling.

No graphics, pen and ink drawings, newspaper clippings or decorations.

The narrative should be double spaced (except for the Title page) in 12 point font, Times
New Roman or Arial style font.

Computer written preferred, however neat handwritten report with a consistent format will be

Junior Activities

Inspiring active participation by ALA members under the age of 18

Junior of the Year

Recognized for her dedicated service, efforts and talents.

Overall Junior Activities

Demonstrate the completion of at least one action step from each of the five ideas or suggestions as stated in the Plan of Action

National Awards

Review the National Plan of Action for Junior activities awards and guidelines:

  • Unit Award: Best Overall Unit Junior Activities Award
  • Department Award: Junior Member of the Year


Encourage and support the nationwide effort to attract, engage and retain a diverse, active membership


Margaret Alfele Trophy – Overall Membership Renewal Effort

Divisional Awards
Division 1 (less than 100 members)

Division 2 (101 to 200 members)
Division 3 (201+ members)

Divisional awards based on the percentage of membership renewals verse total numeric goals

National Membership Awards, there are multiple monetary awards and gifts for individuals’ members and units for membership recruitment

Review the National Plan of Action on Membership!

Past Presidents Parley   

All past presidents at all levels are encouraged to continue their support to the organization by accepting responsibility that the knowledge and wisdom as a past leader can make a difference in the development of one member

Member of the Year – contributions made by a valued unit member

Salute to Service Women – recognize the service of military women representing each branch of service

Department Member of the Year and Salute to Service Women recipients will be submitted to the National Organization for consideration.

Unit submission must meet the guidelines identified in the Past President Parley Plan of Action

Department Only Award and Scholarship

Women Veteran of the Year an Auxiliary member in good standing and who honorably served in the U.S. Armed Forces or Reserves. Demonstrates a track record of excellent volunteer service for veterans.

Nursing Scholarship Program assist students pursuing a degree in the nursing field. The scholarships are available from Delaware Scholarship Compendium: A Guide for College-Bound Students.


Using the image and story of the Flanders Field poppy to educate people about the sacrifices of our military service members

Miss Poppy Contest

  • Little Miss Poppy (age 6 – 12)
  • Miss Poppy (age 13 – 18)

Participant must submit a Miss Poppy scrapbook (8½” x11”) containing photographs and clippings illustrating how she promoted the American Legion Auxiliary poppy.

For complete guidelines see the Poppy National Plan of Action; Little Miss Poppy and Miss Poppy are eligible for National Awards

Poppy Poster Contest

Units can sponsor poppy contests in local schools, other youth groups and your junior members to raise awareness of the meaning of the poppy program among the students, as well as to inspire patriotism throughout the community. The contest have seven classes Grades 2-12 and students with special needs.

Unit’s submitting Poppy Poster to the Department Poppy Chairmen MUST follow the “Poppy Poster Requirements” as outlined in the National Poppy Plan of Action.

Department Center Piece Award

Monetary awards for the best center piece.  Department Poppy Chairmen will communicate the theme

Public Relations  

Promoting who we are, what we do and why we matter

Department Best Overall Press Book

Unit that achieves excellence in  Promotion of the American Legion Auxiliary

Review the Public Relations National Plan of Action for Unit, Member and Junior awards.

Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation

Enhance the lives of veterans, military and their families

Overall Program Award

Awarded to the unit chairman who conducted the best overall promotion of the VA&R program.  Narrative should not exceed 1,000 words, include pictures and clippings.

Service to Veterans Hours Award

Recipients of the Overall Program Award are eligible for the National “Unit VA&R Program Awards”; additionally the National Organization has awards for Veteran Affairs Voluntary Service (VAVS) volunteers.  Review the National Plan of Action for guidelines.