Department Commitees and Programs


Chairman: Deneen Behrens

Promoting patriotism and responsible citizenship 

Program Action Plan

Americanism School of Instruction 2017 2018
Americanism Report May 2018

Americanism Essay Contest: For students in grades 3-12.
Grade levels are divided into five classes. One award in each of
the five classes will be presented in each national division.

Essay Title: “How can we address and prevent veteran homelessness in our communities?”

Americanism Essay Form

Americanism Essay 2019

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32-page booklet on proper flag etiquette available
Emblem Sales 





The objective our military personnel on the front lines, know that we care!

Military Children’s Place Setting

Flag Craft Instructions


Chairman: Margie Abbott

National grant assistance program that provides temporary emergency help to eligible members of the American Legion Auxiliary  

Program Action Plan

AEF Mid-Year Report 2018


AEF Brochure

AEF Contribution Form

Before You Begin AEF

AEF Roles and Responsibilities

Assistance Provided: The maximum grant amount is $2,400, disbursed as the Auxiliary Emergency Fund Grant Committee determines.

Application for Assistance

Expedited Application

Online Application 


Chairman: Carole Baldwin

Protecting, caring for and supporting children and youth

Program Action Plan

Children and Youth Newsletter October 2018

Children and Youth Program Action Plan 2017 2018

Children and Youth May 2018

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The American Legion Child Welfare Foundation was created in 1954 to provide other nonprofit organizations with the means to educate the public about the special needs of children, particularly advocating preventive solutions. The Auxiliary supports this organization monetarily and promotes its mission in partnership with The American Legion and Sons of The American Legion. Learn More…


Chairman: Gail Sellazzo & Murt Foos

Promotes the American Legion Auxiliary’s visibility within our localities through our commitment to community, state and nation.

Program Action Plan

Community Service Report NOV 2018

Community Service 2017- Department

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Chairman: Tina Washington

Informs and educates members of the American Legion Auxiliary on the importance and power of updated documents, policies and procedures at all levels.

Program Action Plan

Department of Delaware Constitution and ByLaws 



Promotes the American Legion Auxiliary’s role in providing quality education for children and adults through classroom activities, literacy programs, and scholarship promotion.

Program Action Plan


Jenny Havel, Department President
Tina Washington, Department Secretary
Chairman: Murt Foos
2nd yr. Chairman: Carol Feeley
3rd yr. Chairman: Lisa Rose
Financial Advisor: Nancy Lawrence

Financial policy of the organization, preparation of the annual budget and supervision of the expenditures under the budget subject to ratification of the DEC.

Finance Committee Meeting Minutes 04 13 2017

Finance Committee Meeting Minutes 10 21 2017

Finance Committee Meeting Minutes 03 31 2018

Finance Committee Meeting Minutes 04 29 2018

Finance Committee Report- November 2018


Director: Lisa McCarley
Email Address:

High school female students who have completed their junior year participate in a mock government program where they learn about civics and American government.

Program Action Plan 

Girls State Nation May 2018
Girls State Nation School of Instruction 2017 2018
Delaware – Mid.Year Rpt


ALA Girls Nation Facebook
2017 Girls National Senators learn more 
2017 Bills and Resolutions  learn more 


Chairman: Beth McGinn

Engaged the next generation to become members  

Program Action Plan

Juniors Program Action Plan.docx

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Chairman: Bev Buchannan

The opportunity to develop leadership skills.

Program Action Plan

Leadership Report May 2018

Leadership Program Action Plan 2017 2018

Leadership Report 11 04 2017


Chairman: Suzanne Burchett

Grassroots advocates for veterans, servicemembers and their families with local, state and national elected officials

Program Action Plan


Chairman: Debbie Guenther

Strength and influence of the American Legion Auxiliary is derived from its members!

Program Action Plan

Membership Program of Action 2018_2019

Department Numeric Objectives 2018-2019

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Chairman: Dolores Taylor

Support our military and their families

Program Action Plan

National Security November DEC 2018

National Security Mid Term Department Report



Women who have been president of a unit, department, or the national organization are encouraged to share their wisdom and provide ongoing mentorship

Program Action Plan

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Chairman: Carol Feeley

The Red Poppy is the widely recognized symbol of the sacrifice made by veterans to protect our freedom and is worn by Auxiliary members to raise awareness and honor the men and women who served and died for this country in all wars!

Program Action Plan

Poppy DEC Nov 2018

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Chairman: Maryann Pospichal

Expert in the formal rules and procedures of formal meetings.

Program Action Plan


Chairman: Aleta Krauss

Promote, publicize, and educate the general public and our members about our core program values of serving veterans and their families.

Program Action Plan

ALA Brand Ambassador Member Award

Public Relations Plan 2017 2018

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Chairman: Arnita Coleman
Deputy Chairman: Lisa McCarley

Provide service and financial assistance, emotional support and cheerful companionship to veterans and their families!

Program Action Plan

VA Medical Wish List

VA&R Program Action Plan 2018 2019

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