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Six Tips for Busting the Overhead Myth

January 29th, 2017|Nonprofit Boards and Finance|

Guidestar article on Overhead click here to read a new perspective on non profit administrative cost.     

Board Confidentiality and Organizational TransparencyTransparency

December 20th, 2016|Nonprofit Boards and Finance|

Organizational Effectiveness -  DEC Board Conduct

DEC 101

December 20th, 2016|Nonprofit Boards and Finance|

American Legion Auxiliary Department Governing Board Roles and Responsibilities        

Form 990 and 990-EZ

October 9th, 2016|Nonprofit Boards and Finance|

 Do you know which Form 990-series return you are required to file for the 2010 tax year?  The 990 filing thresholds for the year 2010 and later (filed in 2011 and later) will change as follows for all organizations required to file [...]

Understanding Donations

October 9th, 2016|Nonprofit Boards and Finance|

  To be deductible, charitable contributions must be made to qualified organizations. Qualified organizations include, but are not limited to, Federal, state, and local governments and organizations organized and operated only for charitable, religious, educational, scientific, or literary purposes, or [...]

Things Every Board Member Should Know About Nonprofit Accounting

October 8th, 2016|Nonprofit Boards and Finance| If you are serving on a nonprofit board or are considering doing so, it is important to keep in mind that along with the great work of that organization, it’s also your responsibility to understand your nonprofit’s finances. There [...]

101 Board Basics – Creating Policies

June 19th, 2016|Nonprofit Boards and Finance|

What is a policy? Policies are the operational guidelines for an organization. The purpose of the policies is to protect and steer the staff and the board as they fulfill the mission of the organization. They are a reference tool for appropriate action, ethical decision [...]

101 Board Basics – Coming To Terms With a Conflict of Interest

June 16th, 2016|Nonprofit Boards and Finance|

What should happen when a board member clearly has a conflict of interest but does not recognize it or won’t acknowledge it? Is it acceptable to join a board if you come with an apparent conflict of interest? These are [...]

101 Board Basics – Board Responsibilities and Structures – FAQ

June 15th, 2016|Nonprofit Boards and Finance|

What are the basic responsibilities of nonprofit boards? Determine mission and purpose. It is the board’s responsibility to create and review a statement of mission and purpose that articulates the organization’s goals, means, and primary constituents served. Board Responsibilities Structures [...]

Board Roles and Responsibilities

June 15th, 2016|Nonprofit Boards and Finance|

Nonprofit board members have two basic responsibilities—support and governance—each requiring different skills and expertise. In the role of "supporter" board members raise money, bring contacts to the organization, and act as ambassadors to the community. Equally important, the "governance" role [...]